By May Gibbs.

May Gibbs is one of Australia’s most loved classic children’s book illustrators and authors, who is best known for her Gumnut Babies and the book Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Gumnuts are curious bush fairies with characteristic caps who enjoy various adventures like races, the ballet, dancing balls, or playing with a ‘roo (kangaroo). Gibbs wrote many books on the theme of the gumnut babies. All characters and scenery in her books are based on plants she got familiar with in Australian bushland during her childhood in Western Australia and during her visits to the Blue Mountains as an adult. An iconic Australian bush fantasy world she created through her beautiful illustrations and stories is still enjoyed, even after over 100 years.  

May Gibbs died in Sydney on the 27th of November 1969. She left the copyright from the designs of her bush characters and her stories to Northcott Disability Services and Cerebral Palsy Alliance. These charitable organisations support children and adults with disability.