We are a small family originally from Poland who used to live and travel across different parts of Europe like Scotland, England, Spain, and now we are living in sunny Australia.

This site is mostly about healthy recipes and a bit of books, travel and maybe more…

The initial idea about sharing our cooking experiences was slowly growing in us since we first started our first diet supervised by our dietitian many years ago. We have noticed a positive change in ourselves and this drew us closer to healthy cooking related topics. We started watching various programs on TV and online as well as reading books about healthy living. We have changed our diet from mainly meat based to more plant based. Currently we eat meat twice per week. This slow evolution of healthy eating habits (also reducing sugar & gluten) took years with various ups and downs … yeah, we are not perfect! We still eat eagerly a piece of cake at the occasional birthday party and enjoy a rare glass or two.

Recipes that we are going to share with you are from various sources: traditional Polish but changed into healthier versions, from our dietitian, from websites of other dietitians, from people that are passionate about healthy food like we are, and of course our own recipes that are inspired by our European and Australian experience.

We love comments and questions about recipes, so please feel encouraged to leave some! Help us improve recipes so others can benefit as well.

Hope you will find a bite for you here!

Ola & Kris